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Academy of Intellectual games (AoIG) had created as a not-for-profit organization. AoIG main goal is educational, to promote learning of Mind Sport Games (MSG), like chess, bridge, trivia games, and others in a real human-interactive settings to improve students overall learning abilities and their life style. AoIG offers education and tutoring in chess and bridge for players of all levels and ages. Learn to play chess or bridge the most fun and efficient way - directly from a Pro. Individual or group lessons available.

To create a fair sport competition, as we perceive it, AoIG implementing its own formula for Prize Money distribution. We market it as a "Winners play for FREE policy where 50% of participants get the Prize Money. This formula enthusiastically embraced by the three main parties we are trying to bring together: Players, Organizers, and Sponsors.

AoIG will promote a "healthy lifestyle" - when more leisure time spend on real human interaction (not though Internet), away from mindless TV-searching, addiction to video games and other digital dexterity.

We realize that our overall success will largely depend on our success rate with the younger generation. AoIG will appeal to that group by creating stars and celebrities and offering them a possibility of professional future in game they love. We understand that such efforts already in place by organizers and sponsors of each game we are trying to promote. AoIG want to bring it to the next level by creating "universal" AoIG rating, which will effectively erase boundaries between all MSGs. AoIG will make all effort to work in close collaboration with existing bodies which governs current MSG completion - Federations, Leagues and others Official Game Promoters (OGP).

All we need is a criteria, which could be use across different MSG to calculate athlete fair rating. Likely we do not need to "invert a wheel", since such criterias already heavily in use in other (mostly individual, with some team elements) sports like golf, tennis, car racing and etc..

One part is the athlete MONEY making ability. While player total money making ability is a broad term which can include endorsements and fee paid to the athlete to take part in competition, AoIG will take into account only the money which will come to player as a Prize Money (PM) for successful tournament placement.

Second part is a PRIDE. So, nobody should be surprised if we draw a very simple formula for our overall rating:

AR = (1+MR) * PR,
Where MR is a Money rating (see MSG Rating) and PR is a Pride rating.

For details on AoIG new approach on running Price Money Tournaments (PMTs) see Principles of PM Competition.

Currently there are some PMTs for experts and skillful players, but there is definite shortage of such form of competition on "grass root" level where the most new player's recruitment is taking place. AoIG' current focus is management of local PMT, so players of all levels can have fair competition for meaningful PM, fair AoIG rating evaluation and have a lot of fun in a process.

AoIG will also attempt to bring existing experts of game back to local communities by raising the Prize Pool Money with the help of the local sponsors to the level which will appeal to the serious player. For experts not to be concern about their current rating with sport Federations they belong to, to be dropped or increased, as a result of participation in one of AoIG PMT - none of PMT will have such an effect. Only "reverse" effect will take place. AoIG will try to collect all data across MSG tournaments played under umbrella of exiting game federations and adjust players AoIG rating accordingly, depending on player's share of PM Pool and type of tournament.

NEWS: Auto Manual
Chess coach of the 2011.
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Chicago-Milwaukee duo wins Central States Bridge Championship.
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Varuzhan AKOBIAN had fought Tigran PETROSIAN for the Championship title of Chicago OPEN 2008 and won.
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On Saturday, March 29, 2008, the American Bridge & Social Club conducted its annual Pro-Am charity event. Arguably, it is one of the most prestigious duplicate bridge games run at a club level in Chicagoland.
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Calling ALL Chicago & South-East Wisconsin areas BRIDGE PLAYERS!
Win a free entry for your team to go to the Grande Finale of the Bob Hamman Challenge on Sunday, April 23! This will be a Swiss team game with a free presentation by Bob Hamman. Bob as well as other experts will be playing, and 5,000* + in Prize Money will be awarded to the winners!
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Team Victory for Kings and Queens.

The Kings and Queens Club of Glenview, Illinois took a very clear first place this past weekend in the Primary Division (Grades K-3) at the National Youth Action tournament in Atlanta. The Youth Action tourney, a grueling marathon of an event consisted of 9 rounds of G30 chess. The tournament attracted 385 participants from across the country, including some of the top national youth players...
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Tuesday, November 1, 2005: The Bob Hamman Bridge Challenge off the successful start. It was a small attendance of 20 bridge players 5 teams, but this is just a start and a good one, considering the fact, that nobody had received the latest issue of the Kibitzer with tournaments advertisement, which got lost some where in a printing shop or US snail-mail offices on a way to its addresses. But according to the "lucky" players, who attend the bridge game, it could not be any better.
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GMs theoretical duel at 14th Midwest class

18:30 CST, 10/16/05 The results of 14th Midwest Class Championship are posted on a wall of Doubletree Hotel of Oak Brook, IL. GMs Nicola MITKOV and Alexsander SHABALOV share 1st and 2nd places with 4 out 5. with 3.5 points and share of 3rd-4th-5th place are GM Vladimir GEORGES, new GM Benjamin FINEGOLD, and Jake Kleiman. GMs comments are coming ...
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There are as many opinions on the origins of poker as there are combinations of hands. Card games from Persia ("As Nas"), India ("Ganjifa"), France ("Poque"), and Germany ("Pochen") are all believed to be forerunners of the modern game.
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World Poker Tour has turned poker into a sporting event that draws the young and old, men and women and people of all nationalities into the game it has reshaped the face of poker and has raised the competitive bar to a new level.
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Modern poker was born on the Mississippi and carried up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers by steamboat, quickly spreading into the interior by wagon and train, then heading west with the California gold rush.
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